Davenport Associates realizes that there is a finite amount of resources and time that can be given to each manufacturer. Our success is because of our balance.

For Manufacturers

We are large enough that we enjoy relationships at the corporate level with national and regional wholesalers.


We are also small enough in focus that all of our sales people participate in the sales and marketing plan for a line.

Davenport has the proper mix of lines that allows us time to take on and revitalize a line or pioneer a new line without compromising our core responsibility to our existing partners.


Davenport calls on all segments of the industry and has created partnerships with dozens of vendors throughout the Northeast and US.

Understanding your needs

We understand that it's our job to identify unmet needs in the marketplace, promote products to satisfy those needs, and follow through with post purchase support to ensure customer satisfaction. We add value to the supply chain on a daily basis and that gives us the foundation to introduce or reintroduce a line to a marketplace and make is successful. The biggest hurdle in the rep/manufacturer relationship is determining where your line falls on a rep's line card. In essence, how much of the rep's time is your line going to receive? How do you make sure (without traveling every day in a given territory) that your line is receiving the proper time and attention to make it successful?

Our Warehouse

With 85,000 sq feet of warehouse space and 6 acres of yard, Davenport Associates has the ability to warehouse and manage inventory for manufacturers. We can provide a manufacturer with a buy/sell option or consigned inventory solution. State of the art inventory control means that your inventory is accounted for and protected. We ship 7 truckloads of product into the North East market on a daily basis. For a manufacturer, a local inventory means added service to your customers. We can offer smaller FFA orders, protect against back orders, and offer wholesalers same day or next day deliveries. These services take the emphasis off of price in the market.