Our People

“Our employees are our greatest asset and a key part of our success in the Northeast market.”

Our Associates

Davenport Associates does not compartmentalize our sales force by manufacturer. All 21 of our outside sales people participate in the sales and marketing for each of our lines. Ryan & Dan Davenport, Steve Lally, Rick Bush, and Steve Arel work in conjunction with our team in joint call sales efforts. This added level of specialization brings a fresh set of eyes to accounts and gives our manufacturers single source accountability for marketing initiatives.

The Davenport Associates outside sales team is comprised of goal oriented, motivated, organized individuals. Many members of our sales team have competed nationally or internationally over a myriad of sports and bring that competitive drive to our company. Davenport Associates constantly strives to provide the best sales experience for our customers and our inside Sales team is comprised of highly trained sales and service agents. 

Our Sales team is driven by the "team work pillar" and as a result, we can deliver a level of entrepreneurship which can be honed and focused inwardly to bring new life to established but perhaps stagnant lines. The company culture of team work, helps build trust in each other and translates into a very low turnover rate. This allows us to invest in our most important asset: our people.

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