For Manufacturers

What we do:

We are unique in our narrow focus. We have a 21 member outside sales team and a 17 member inside sales support team, however, we have partnered with only a handful of premier lines in the plumbing and heating industry. At the heart of our company is an entrepreneurial spirit. We have the skill sets to bring new life to a product line and drive sales into new and untapped markets. Davenport Associates is the perfect ally to the manufacturer who is looking to revolutionize their place in the North East plumbing and heating market.  

We are unique in our ability to warehouse and distribute product with next day service.  We manage product distribution and provide high level sales & marketing for manufacturers that sell into the wholesale channel.  Davenport Associates has the ability to consigned inventory in the territory or buy and resell inventory for the manufacturer.

  • Markets:  We possess the skill sets to drive sales into new, untapped markets.
  • Stability:  Our succession plan ensures future growth with our partners.
  • Balance:  Large enough for national partners, small enough for personal relationships with our customers.

Our Mission

Davenport Associates focuses on a small number of quality manufacturers, devoting the proper time and energy to make each line successful.


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