About Us

Davenport Associates is a family owned, third generation, sales and marketing team. 


Principal Management

Ryan and Dan Davenport 

Davenport Associates is spear headed by Ryan and Dan Davenport. Davenport is unique with the establishment of our collaborative management group that includes Vice Presidents Steve Lally, Rick Bush, Steve Arel and our General Manager, Jeff Laconte.  Our succession plan ensures that manufacturers are partnering with a company prepared for the future and its challenges.

Our company operates on the "Four Pillars", which are Teamwork, 100% Effort, Communication, Consistancy.  Our goal is to win.  We want to win for each other and for our manufacturer partners.  From the 4 pillars we have developed a unique, proprietary process that drives sales as we operate as a "SWAT Team" in the field.  We continually invest in teachnology, infrastructure, and our team culture to remain at the forefront of an ever changing marketplace.  We are unique in our ability to warehouse and distribute product with next day service.  We manage product distribution and provide high level sales & marketing for manufacturers who sell into the wholesale channel; for manufacturers who prefer a consigned inventory in the territory; and for manufacturers who prefer a buy/sell arrangement with us.

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